Pre-College Programs

Our Pre-College Programs provide foundational skills so members can successfully complete vocational or college programs and build healthcare careers. Read More »

1199SEIU Citizenship Program

The education and guidance members need to navigate the immigration and naturalization process.

English as a Second Language

Eight levels of classes to improve workers’ communication skills and help them pursue educational and professional opportunities.

English and Math Preparation

Allowing home care workers to improve their reading and math skills and expand their knowledge in social studies and science

High School Completion and College Preparation

Preparing home care workers for college entrance exams and nursing professions

Computer Literacy

Increasing home care workers’ technical knowledge to ensure they are professionally competitive

College Programs

Nursing Career Ladder

Partnering with the New York City Department of Education, BOCES and CUNY to enroll home care workers in RN and LPN programs.

Tuition Assistance

Available to home care workers who want to further their education to pursue new healthcare careers.

Health Careers College Core Curriculum (HC4)

For home care workers who have little or no college experience and want to return to college after many years.

Emerging Careers, Certificate and Scholarship Programs

Home care is an entry point into the healthcare industry. With available funding, in collaboration with our educational partners, we provide opportunities for home health aides (HHAs) to be trained for other job titles such as medical assistants, community health workers, certified nursing assistants and peer mentors.

Diabetes Peer-to-Peer Mentoring

Home care workers who successfully manage their own diabetes are trained to coach, advise and share insights with peers who need support.

Community Health Worker Training

Building on home care workers’ existing skills to help them become CHWs.

PCA to HHA Certification

Programs tailored to specifically address health-related tasks in the home care core curriculum.

Home Health Aide Certification

Available through training programs approved by the New York State Department of Health or by educational providers and schools approved by the New York State Education Department.

Home Health Aide Competency Evaluation

A lab class where home care workers who have been trained as HHAs but are working as PCAs can have their skills assessed.

Basil Paterson Scholarship Program

Tuition and financial support for home care workers enrolled in college and allied health certification programs.

Workplace Skills Programs

We collaborate with employers and workers to design training sessions relevant to the needs of the client population and the workers, making the training sessions both interactive and informative. Read More »

Occupational Health and Safety

Effective, contextualized training to reduce workplace injuries and better identify hazards on the job.

Home Care Skills Enhancement

Training sessions designed in collaboration with employers and workers to fit the needs of both clients and workers.