Our Mission

The Education Fund helps home care workers meet the changing and emerging needs of the industry, while promoting growth and empowerment in the workplace.

Our Members

Our impact is measured not only in the data we collect and analyze but in the 20,000+ lives we change.

Our Programs

We provide a wide array of academic and training opportunities to help home care workers build careers, improve client care and further strengthen the industry.


Your donation will help support the educational goals of home care workers, which will in turn improve the healthcare services they provide and strengthen the home care industry.

Success Stories

Read the stories of a few of our Basil Paterson Scholarship Program awardees to see not only the difference the scholarship is making in their lives but also the contribution it is making in improving the quality of care they provide.

I learned about the great educational benefits that the 1199SEIU Home Care Industry Education Fund offered at an in-service meeting that my Union Organizer held at my agency. I heard about the opportunity to go to college, and I thought about the College of Staten Island.
Luiza Kayumova

Stella Orten Home Care Agency

I am a proud alumna of the 1199SEIU Home Care Industry Education Fund. In the summer of 2014, I graduated from the College of Staten Island with an Associate’s degree in Nursing. And in October, I passed my RN-NCLEX exam on my first try!
Dian Scott

Formerly of Progressive Home Health Care

Realizing that my daughters were growing up fast, I decided to go back to school…. Ms. Juanita Perkins, my Union Organizer, told me about the 1199SEIU Home Care Industry Education Fund. While I was attending basic skills classes, I learned [about] the National External Diploma Program. This program gave me not only my high school diploma but the opportunity to prove that I can do it! I have also taken advantage of skills enhancement workshops, which have helped me become a better and more caring home care worker.
Sandra Martin Reid

RAIN Home Attendant Services

On December 29, 2016, I became an American citizen. Finally! I feel as if a big weight was lifted off my shoulders. But my heart aches for the many immigrants who have to live in hiding, who have no papers and suffer endless humiliations like I did. All they want to do is work. This is why I am going to vote for those who will help immigrants. One vote makes a difference! My vote makes a difference!
Suyapa Garcia

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