The Basil Paterson Scholarship provides tuition and financial support to home care workers enrolled in college and allied health certification programs. Awards are based on a competitive review process and if granted, may be used to pay for up to 9 credits per semester. Since we recognize the real-world difficulties home care workers often encounter as they pursue their academic and career goals, the scholarship covers the cost of tuition, college fees, books and review courses for licensing exams. It also includes a cash stipend each academic term to assist with transportation, child-care expenses and other financial needs.

The program is named after Basil A. Paterson, who had a special place in his heart for the Union’s home care workers. Mr. Paterson was a labor law attorney for more than 45 years and a former Secretary of State of New York. He spent 20 years as counsel for 1199SEIU Home Care and hospital workers.

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