Vivian Fox

Vivian Fox served as the Executive Director of the 1199SEIU Employer Child Care Funds (CCF) and the President of the 1199SEIU Child Care Corporation (CCC) from 2006 to 2022.

Under Ms. Fox’s leadership, the CCF and CCC disbursed $50 million annually in benefits to eligible members and their children. She raised more than $2 million to increase program outreach to the community at large and expanded program services and curriculum at the Future of America Learning Center (FALC). Ms. Fox worked tirelessly during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure home health workers had access to child care, so their children were safe while they were providing care for New York’s older and disabled residents.

Prior to joining the CCF, Ms. Fox was President and CEO of the National Medical Fellowships. Ms. Fox has more than three decades of experience in creating and overseeing innovative social service and health programs, in both the private and public sector. In 1995, she was recognized at the White House by First Lady Hillary Clinton as one of the nation’s outstanding non-profit CEOs.