Linda Henry

“If I am faithful in the little things that I do and make someone else happy, I am fulfilling my purpose.”

Abiwaqqas Laryea

“I see the scholarship as a priceless opportunity that a student from Africa is rare to come by.”

Maritza Crespo-Trahey

“Being selected for the Basil Paterson Scholarship was the most important accomplishment for me so far, and I felt astonished when I heard the news.”

Dian Scott

“I am a proud alumna of the 1199SEIU Home Care Industry Education Fund.”

Luiza Kayumova

“I learned about the great educational benefits that the 1199SEIU Home Care Industry Education Fund offered at an in-service meeting that my Union Organizer held at my agency.”

Sandra Martin Reid

“This program gave me not only my high school diploma but the opportunity to prove that I can do it!”

Suyapa Garcia

“On December 29, 2016, I became an American citizen. Finally! I feel as if a big weight was lifted off my shoulders.”

Wilma Mayers

“Words can’t express how I felt when I found out I was selected. I felt hope! I appreciate everything that this award has given me.”

Margaret Atenaga

“I can’t believe I did it! I am so excited! … I was not sure how the scholarship would help me. They made a believer out of me.”