Frances Sadler

Frances Sadler joined the Funds in 2014. She oversees the home care certification programs and grant-funded career ladder upgrade programs.

Prior to joining TEF, Frances worked for many years on the operations side of the home care industry. After leaving the New York City school system during the city’s fiscal crisis, her first job in home care was as an 1199 member at Montefiore Home Care, the first hospital-based home care agency in the country. She then worked in a successively more responsible positions for the New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation (HHC), culminating in a position as Assistant Vice President for Long Term Care, where she coordinated reporting and program development for six home health agencies and five nursing homes. After grappling with the issues of special-needs populations as they interfaced with the healthcare system at HHC, she joined the start-up team of Independence Care System, a managed long-term care plan for people with disabilities. Frances has also served on the Board of Directors of the Home Care Association of New York State.

Frances earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology with a minor in Education from Barnard College, Columbia University, and a Master of Education in Vocational Counseling from Teachers College, Columbia University. She currently serves as a Trustee for Barnard College and as a Board member for several small non-profit organizations working on education and/or AIDS issues in Africa.

Frances is a native New Yorker, who was born and raised in Brooklyn. She currently resides in the Bronx with her husband of 45 years. They are the loving parents of two sons.

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